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Artwork by Suzanne Galleries

Suzanne is a Chicago-based watercolor artist. Describing her working methods Suzanne writes, "I generally characterize my artwork as loose realism, working from the strength of the medium while building on the fluid nature and translucence of watercolor painting."

Architecture & Home Portrait Paintings

watercolor home portrait Featuring a variety of fine art home portraits and architectural scenes in watercolors.



"Kincade's," 15 ½ x 23 in., Watercolor on Paper

Rural Scenes and Landscape Paintings

watercolor home portrait Rural watercolor paintings created on location at scenic spots in Door County, Wisconsin as well as locations abroad.




"The Gate,"15 x 21in., Watercolor on Paper

Churches of Door County Watercolor Series

watercolor home portrait A series of rural landscapes featuring the Churches of Door County.



"Churches of Door County, Shephard,"
12 x 17½in., Watercolor on Paper

Still-Life Paintings

watercolor home portrait Still-life watercolor paintings capture a whimsical, thoughtful quality in everyday objects and compositions.



"Big Fish," 13 x 17in., Watercolor on Paper

Now Accepting Commissioned Projects

Commissions are welcomed! Suzanne specializes in home portraiture and custom projects. View details about commissioning a watercolor painting and contact Suzanne to schedule your free project consultation.